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Economic Development
    Economic Development

    Comprehensive Strength

    In 2014, led by the CPC Committee of Jinan and Jinan Municipal People’s Government, Jinan earnestly followed the guiding principles of the 18th CPC National Congress,the third and fourth sessions with the goal of promoting scientific development and building a better Spring City. The gross produce was 577.06 billion yuan which increased by 8.8 percent; the local public budgetary revenue was 54.31 billion yuan, up 12.7 percent; the total investment in fixed assets was306.34 billion yuan which increased by 16.1 percent.  The total retail sales of consumer goods were 296.44 billion yuan, up 12.6 percent; the total import and export value was 10.5 billion US dollars, up 9.6 percent.  All the major economic indicator increases came up to or were above the average level of the province.

    Quan Cheng Square

    Industrial Economy

    Industrial production grew much faster. The added value of industries over a designated scale increased by 10.1 percent.  The added value of public sector of  the economic increased by 5.6 percent and that of the non-public sectors of the economy increased by 14.3 percent.

    The proportion of hi-tech industries rose. There were 50 hi-tech industrial enterprises of net increases. By the end of the year, there were 538 hi-tech industrial enterprises over a designated scale. The output value of the hi-tech industries over a designated scale increased by 10.5 percent.

    Agricultural Economy

    The agriculture, forestry, ranching and fishing rose steadily. The added value of agriculture was 19.95 billion yuan; the added value of forestry was 0.89 billion yuan; the added value of ranching was 7.76 billion yuan and the added value of fishing was 0.43 billion yuan.

    It had good harvests for 12 years in succession. The grain yield reached 2.712 million tons. Afforestation was 223,000 mu, the grow seedlings covered 44,000 mu and the forest coverage rate was 35.2 percent by the end of the year.

    The improvement in agriculture industrialization was steady and persistent. There were 451 leading agricultural enterprises, 42 of which were newly approved and 5391 specialized cooperatives, 583 of which were newly approved.  

    Modern Service Industry

    The added value of modern service industry in the whole year was 163.59 billion yuan, an increase of 10.4% and it accounted for 50.2% of the service industry.

    By the end of the year, the balance of deposit and loan of RMB and that of foreign currency of the financial institutions was 1201.02 billion yuan, 108.44 billion more than the beginning of the year. The added value of the real estate industry was 36.92 billion yuan, up 10.4 percent. The tourist industry developed soundly. The tourists both at home and abroad reached 55.568 million, up 9 percent. It received 55.568 domestic tourists, up 9 percent and 315,000 inbound tourists, up 2.4 percent . The tourism income was 65.79 billion yuan, up 14.7 percent. 161 exhibitions were held and the direct revenue was 0.45 billion yuan, up 15.4 percent. The trading volumes reached 141 billion yuan, up 9.8 percent.                                                                                             

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