Vantaa, Finland

City introduction

Vantaa is an airport city near Helsinki, Finland, which is famous for Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. It is Finland's fourth-largest city and covers 243 square kilometers with a population of 196,000. On August 27, 2001, it established a sister city relationship with Jinan.

Vantaa, formerly known as Helsinki, was founded in 1351, and in 1974 it was officially named Vantaa. It is a modern city, with its residential area surrounded by green land and forest. The city is most famous for the Eureka Science Center, which is part of a global scientific collaboration and research network.

Vantaa's transport system is convenient, with many important domestic and international highways and railways passing through the city. Highway 18 from Scandinavia to Russia's St Petersburg and Moscow railway all pass through the city. All these roads and railways are parts of the traffic network of the European Union. Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport is located in the city center and is a major international airport. There are more than 100 flights a day to destinations all over the world. 

The city has various economic sectors and rapid economic development, with business and financial services sectors dominating the economy. As well, transport and construction in the industrial sector account for a quarter of economic activity. The main industries are food manufacturing and engineering. The city is developed in education and culture, and science and technology.

Finland Vantaa Council holds an election every four years. There are 67 members from 10 parties on the council. The urban managers include the president, the mayor and the chief executive.

Vantaa has 13 international friendly sister cities.

Vantaa and Jinan

Since our establishment of a sister city relationship with Vantaa, the friendly exchange visits have been carried out smoothly. Vantaa has sent delegations to participate in major activities such as the International Children's Festival held in Jinan every year, while we  send delegations to participate in Vantaa's summer camps every year. In September 2000, Mahe Ti• Li Bolun, the vice-mayor of Vantaa led a delegation to visit our city. In August 2001, Xie Yutang, the mayor of Jinan, visited Vantaa with a delegation to formally sign the Jinan-Vantaa Sister City Agreement. In April 2002, the mayor of Vantaa led a group to visit our city. In June, Sun Shuyi, the municipal Party committee secretary led a group to visit Vantaa. In June 2005, December 2006 and April 2008, the mayor of Vantaa visited our city with various delegations. In May 2008, Zhang Jianguo, the mayor of Jinan, visited Vantaa on a delegation.

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