Regina, Canada

City introduction

Regina is the capital of the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, and is the province's political, economic and cultural center. On Aug 10, 1987, it established a sister city relationship with Jinan.

Regina covers 118 square kilometers and has an urban population of 205,000. It has a well-developed traffic system and is one of the most important industrial cities in western Canada. Its main industries include metal processing, animal products processing and electronic components. Regina's agricultural production plays an important role in its urban economy. The basic energy sources in the city are electricity, gas and oil. Natural gas is mainly used in family homes and industry, and is provided by Saskatchewan Power Company. Regina has three potash wells which account for 15 percent of the province's total output.

Regina has a mild climate and annual precipitation of 300 mm. Wascana Lake in the city is always clear and surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Regina's council consists of 10 members elected (each represents a community) and the mayor. City Hall is composed of city managers and several offices, which are responsible for the execution of the council's decisions.

Regina has two international friendship cities: Jinan and Cane in Japan.

Regina and Jinan

Since our establishment of a sister city relationship with Regina, the friendly exchange visits have been carried out smoothly. The exchange content involves economics, trade, culture, education and sports. In May 1988, Regina's mayor, Larry Snyder, led a delegation to visit our city. In November 1990, November 1991 and September 1992, Regina's mayor, Douglas Archer, led delegations to Jinan. In August 1993, Xie Yutang, mayor of Jinan, visited Regina with a delegation. In June 1997, Regina's mayor, Douglas Archer, led a delegation to Jinan. In August 2003, Sun Shuyi, the then deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Party secretary of Jinan visited Regina with a delegation. In October 2005, July 2006, July 2007 and December 2008, Regina's mayor, Pat successively led four delegations to our city.

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