Vantaa: Jinan's Finnish sister city that's well worth a visit

Kartanonkoski district, Vantaa [Photo/provided to]

Vantaa is the fourth most populous city in Finland and growing quickly. Located in the Capital Area, is an international growth center, with many indicators showing that it is at the forefront of development in the country. It ranks first in the country in terms of job creation, and holds a leading position in internal migration in the country. Aviapolis, the fastest-growing business area in Finland, drives the economy both in Vantaa and the country as a whole.

As a business city, Vantaa is innovative, inspiring and international. Its aim is to become the leading business city in Finland. In Vantaa, businesses are able to grow and thrive. The unique location and accessibility of Vantaa attracts both ambitious companies and a skilled workforce.

Tikkurila district, Vantaa [Photo/provided to]

Vantaa enjoys strong transportation links both domestically and internationally. Finland’s busiest travel hub, the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, is located in Vantaa, while trains and coaches connect Vantaa to every corner of Finland.

The city is a great place to live due to the wide array of housing options, unique neighborhoods, and a rich cultural life. Near every neighborhood there are multiple services to make everyday life easier. Schools and public services are close by and there is a diverse selection of recreational activities available.

Vantaa is a green city with many parks and forests, and all residents are within a 30-minute walk to nature. The city aims to be climate neutral by 2030.

The comfort, eco-friendliness, vibrant business life and rich history make Vantaa more than worthy of a visit. Come and be blown away by what the city has to offer!


Welcome to Vantaa: 

Avapolis – City with Wings (This is a more business-oriented video):

A winter view of Kuusijarvi Lake, Vantaa [Photo/provided to]

Vantaankoski, Vantaa [Photo/provided to]

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