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Meat delicacies in Jinan

Here are meat delicacies popular in Jinan, Shandong province.

Jinan bazi pork

Jinan bazi pork  [Photo/WeChat account: m521887]

Bazi pork, a popular delicacy in Shandong cuisine, is a stewed pork fillet with fat and lean meet. Though this moreish dish melts in the mouth, it is not overly greasy.

Recommended shop: Chaoyixing, a fast-food chain restaurant in Jinan

Sauced pork knuckle

Sauced pork knuckle  [Photo/WeChat account: sdqlmsx]

The sauced pork knuckle is a special dish in Jinan that is both savory and sweet.

Recommended shop: Luweizhai

Laiwu sausage

Laiwu sausage  [Photo/WeChat account: qysdfy]

Laiwu sausage is made of lean pork and small intestines. Its ingredients are fructus amomi, star anise, cinnamon, Chinese red pepper, and high-quality soy sauce. The sausage has a mellow taste and is rich in nutrition. Locals often present this sausage as a gift for visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival.

Recommended shop: Shunxiangzhai

Tanzi pork

Tanzi pork [Photo/WeChat account: sdqlmsx]

Tanzi pork is streaky pork which is stewed in a jar. It is a traditional dish in Jinan which originated from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The pork is made with rich ingredients and it not greasy despite its fatty content.

Recommended shop: Xue's Sanba Fast Food Restaurant

Spiced and boneless pork trotter

Spiced and boneless pork trotter  [Photo/WeChat account: m521887]

This spiced and boneless pork trotter is exceptionally fragrant and melts in your mouth. It is rich in collagen.

Recommended shops:  Meng's boneless pork trotter and Luweizhai

Sixi wanzi or four happiness meatballs

Sixi wanzi   [Photo/WeChat account: m521887]

Sixi wanzi or "four happiness meatballs" is one of the classic traditional Chinese dishes of Shandong cuisine. It is made of four meatballs which symbolize happiness, health, longevity, and delight. It is often served at weddings and birthday banquets.

Recommended shops: Nancheng Wangshi and Chaoyixing

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