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Popular savory chicken dishes in Jinan

People in Jinan, Shandong province have thousands of ways to cook chicken. Here are some recommended savory chicken dishes that are popular in Jinan.

Jinan traditional spicy chicken [WeChat account: jnchxz]

1. Jinan traditional spicy chicken

Jinan traditional spicy chicken is a classic cold dish. One can enjoy four different tastes of the dish. The first taste is numb, the second is spicy, the third is sweet, and the fourth taste is appetizing. It is made of chicken leg meat, and is excellent with wild pepper and chili peppers.

2. Jinan Tongzi chicken

Tongzi chicken is a popular dish in Jiaodong cuisine, one of the four schools of Shandong cuisine. The dish is renowned for its crisp skin and fresh meat. It boasts good health properties and has good effects on treating irregular menstruation.

3. Laiwu Qishan fried chicken

Laiwu fried chicken is a traditional dish in Laiwu district of Jinan, part of the Jinan school of Shandong cuisine. In Laiwu, having a chicken on the table represents good fortune.

4. Jinan Yaoji chicken

Yaoji chicken is a traditional delicacy for Han people in Jinan, Shandong province. It is created by Qiluzhai delicatessen, a store for selling cooked meat, and has a history of more than 200 years. The dish is ruddy in color and tastes tender. The more one chews, the more delicious it is.

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