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Recommendation of the week | Moonvas music bar

Recommendation Index:★★★★★ five stars (up to five stars)

Location: No 69 Huanshan Road, Lixia district, Jinan

Professional panoramic bar, professional stage and professional lighting and sound equipment, with professional service, the Moonvas music bar is one of the most professional livehouses in Jinan.

Since 2006, it has been one of the hottest music bars in Jinan. The resident band in the store is also a very excellent local band. It often appears in major music festivals or TV programs and interacts with customers through wonderful live music in the bar every day.

Music performances at the Moonvas music bar [Photo/WeChat account: gh_a97692452bf7]

Many famous singers, whether their music style is rock, folk or jazz, have toured here, and many performances are hard to get a ticket. In the livehouse nationwide, the Moonvas are very well-known! This is enough to prove the professionalism of Moonvas in music.

It is also a holy land for sports fans. Every time there are good sports games, it will be broadcast in HD real time. The boss himself is also a fanatical fan of Luneng team (Shandong local football home team), and the game of Luneng football team is broadcast on the spot. For a long time, this has been the designated venue for many teams' fan associations. In case of a good game, it is a kind of enjoyment for every fan or sports lover to invite friends to come to the Moonvas to cheer and drink.

The shop offers many exquisite Western simple meals and local snacks. You can enjoy them while drinking! I like the hot dogs and pasta here, with outstanding taste.

The Moonvas music bar has just completed the decoration upgrade in the store recently, and is welcoming you with a cleaner and more comfortable environment.

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