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Recommendation of the week | Pandorothy Coffee

Location: No 45 Minkang Street, Shizhong district, Jinan

Pandorothy Coffee is probably one of the earliest and most professional private coffee shops in Jinan.

The environment in the store is a little retro, with a sense of laidback elegance. Every detail is full of art, exemplifying the owner's meticulous pursuit of perfection.

The store is filled with the unique aroma of coffee and sunshine, accompanied by melodious blues music. It is a place to relax and escape from the hectic hustle and bustle of Jinan, with the open design of the second floor being a particularly comfortable spot.

The shop's owner has won many awards in barista international competitions and oversees the selection of raw coffee beans, the roasting of coffee beans, grinding and extraction, as well as even the cleaning of the coffee machines. Each cup of coffee is almost impeccable because of its rich mellow aroma and delicate taste.

The shop is known for its 'dirty coffee.' Ingenious production techniques make this seemingly simple drink unique with a strong taste, making it one of Pandorothy Coffee's most popular drinks.

The exterior of Pandorothy Coffee [Photo/WeChat account: gh_a97692452bf7]

A look at the environment of Pandorothy Coffee [Photo/WeChat account: gh_a97692452bf7]

A cup of coffee made by Pandorothy Coffee [Photo/WeChat account: gh_a97692452bf7]

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