Jinan takes great strides over past decade
By Yang Yi | english.jinan.gov.cn2022-10-19

Jinan's tremendous changes over the past 10 years were displayed at a news conference held on Sept 27.

Jinan's economy has maintained a rising trend. In 2021, Jinan's GDP reached 1.14 trillion yuan ($157.68 billion), which was 2.15 times higher than the figure in 2012. The general public budget revenue totaled more than 100 billion yuan, an increase of 2.65 times of the figure in 2012. The scale of the digital economy surpassed 500 billion yuan, accounting for 45 percent of the total GDP.

Thanks to its efforts in deepening reform and opening-up, the city's annual average growth of total exports stayed at 11.5 percent over the past 10 years. As many as 81 Fortune Global 500 companies chose to settle in Jinan.

Jinan residents also benefited from a higher quality of life as the city invested heavily in improving people's livelihood. In 2021, the per capita disposable incomes of urban and rural residents were 57,400 and 22,600 yuan, respectively, which were 1.76 and 2.15 times of the figures in 2012. Jinan built and transformed 1,268 middle schools and kindergartens, and the city now has 52 colleges and universities, as well as 7,530 medical institutions. The social security system was also improved, and the ecological environment keeps improving as campaigns to protect air, water and land continue to be carried out .

The public culture and tourism industry also saw a rapid development, with more than 5,300 culture service centers being built in the city. The number of A-level scenic spots reached 82, tripling that of 2012. Jinan was also honored as "China's Safest City".

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