Clay rabbit figurine

Clay rabbit figurines. [Photo by Yang Yang provided to]

There is a legend that in ancient times, a strange disease attacked residents in Jinan. Learning of this, the Jade Rabbit, a fairy tale figure believed to live on the moon, baked a cake infused with medicine and then broke it up and sprinkled it into the springs of Jinan. The water erupted and sprayed across the whole city through the vast spring network and the residents soon recovered.

To show gratitude to the Jade Rabbit, the locals would make mooncakes to worship a clay rabbit figurine during the Middle Autumn Festival.

The clay rabbit figurine is made from mud from the Yellow River, and features over 10 processes in production. Its height ranges from 10 centimeters to 50 cm. The size and shape can be various and the figurines are typical souvenirs. 

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