Changqing works to become cultural innovation hub

Jinan's Changqing district plans to build itself into a cultural innovation hub by growing soft power through stimulating the new vitality of traditional culture, consolidating the leading role of advanced culture and forging the competitiveness of the cultural tourism industry, district official said at a news conference on Sept 7.

With a total investment of 517 million yuan ($72.68 million), a public cultural services project that integrates the functions of archives, cultural centers, libraries and museums has been put into use to provide people with more high-quality, convenient and efficient public cultural services.

To further explore and take advantage of the history of Bian Que (407-310 BC), a famous physician in the Warring States Period (475-221 BC), and traditional Chinese medicine, the district has carried out a series of Bian Que-themed activities to boost the integrated development of medical treatments, health care and tourism, and create a distinctive traditional Chinese medicine medical service system and health care tourism service brand.

A total of 1.3 billion yuan has been invested in the implementation of the comprehensive harnessing project of the Beidasha River to create a unique urban cultural landscape of lofty mountains and flowing rivers. The Lingyan Temple Scenic Spot and the the entire Lingyan area will be reconstructed and upgraded to contribute to the development of Changqing district's culture and tourism industry.

To develop a cultural and creative product system for Changqing district, local professors and enterprises created a professional group based on intangible cultural heritages, regional specialties, and tourist attractions.

Cloud classrooms have also been created to popularize techniques such as epigraphy, calligraphy and painting restoration, as well as a 3D museum displaying 58 exquisite cultural relics.

In addition, Changqing district gives more support to service outsourcing, animation, software and cultural and creative enterprises to form featured culture industrial parks. Jinan Western Innovation Park and and Meike Art and Creative Industry Park, two of the characteristic cultural industrial parks in Jinan, have gathered 200 and 141 enterprises, respectively.

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