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Jinan exhibition center showcases Yellow River culture

The Yellow River Culture Exhibition Center in Jinan [Photo/Aijinan App]

The Yellow River Culture Exhibition Center in Jinan, the capital of East China's Shandong province, uses multiple approaches to present the culture of the nation's "mother river" to visitors.

With a floor area of about 10,630 square meters, the five-storey main building of the exhibition center is located on the bank of the Yellow River in the center area of its Jinan section.

It has a 38-meter-high platform for visitors to view the scenery of the Yellow River flowing through the city. The overall architecture of the building adopts the style of the Han and Tang dynasties with a stable and restrained temperament, echoing the profound Yellow River culture.

People visit the Yellow River Culture Exhibition Center in Jinan. [Photo/Aijinan App]

The exhibition is divided into seven major sections, including the prologue, the natural Yellow River, the humanistic Yellow River, and the peaceful Yellow River, covering the river's natural geographical characteristics, hydro-geological changes, historical and cultural inheritance, as well as promotion of revolutionary culture in the Yellow River Basin.

The exhibition center is considered the latest and most complete encyclopedia of Yellow River culture in China.

The exhibition center adopts various modern exhibition methods, such as giant screen splicing technology, projection fusion technology, and autostereoscopy.

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