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Cherry galore in Jinan

The Dikou Fruit Wholesale Market in Jinan has recently been a hive of activity as people are flocking there to snap up cheap cherries.

The price of the fruit this year has dropped to as low as 5 yuan ($0.71) per 500 grams due to the abundance of stock.

Jia Wenjing, one of the larger cherry wholesalers in the market, said she managed to sell a whopping 1,500 kilograms of cherries within half a day.

Most of the cherries on sale in the market are harvested from plantations in Zhangqiu and Changqing districts, and the southern mountainous area in Jinan.

Another key reason behind the low prices is that unlike cherries from other regions that require transportation and preservation, local farmers do not have to fork out storage costs as the cherries are immediately put on the market after harvest, said Jia.

Red fresh cherries are sold in Dikou Fruit Wholesale Market in Jinan. [Photo/Jinan Times]

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