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Explore 'The Wizard of OZ' in Jinan

June 1 marks International Children's Day, a time to get lost in The Wizard of OZ. Here are some recommended places in Jinan to review fun childhood.

Ma'anshan Road, which has been nicknamed "the most beautiful boulevard", features towering poplars and oriental planes that create a luxuriant and inviting pathway for people. The dense foliage provides a cool shade, while vibrant grass in the flower beds adds a dash of color to the landscape. Strolling along this road allows people to feel refreshed and carefree while enveloped in serene greenery.

Ma'anshan Road is nicknamed "the most beautiful boulevard". [Photo by Shao Kai/WeChat account: jnslyj]

On the northern side of Ma'anshan Road lies the tranquil Quancheng Park, which captivates with its lush greenery. The harmonious interplay of light and shadow, reflected in the nearby pond, accentuates the orderly rows of tall trees. Sun rays are filtered through the branches, resembling a musical dance accompanied by the melodic songs of birds that create a unique summer symphony.

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