Jinan operates over 500 China-Europe freight trains in H1

Jinan has operated 510 China-Europe freight trains, with an import and export volume of nearly 500,000 metric tons and a value of $561 million in the first half of this year, according to Jinan Port and Logistics Office.

These figures represent a growth of nearly 120 percent year-on-year in train operation numbers, over 120 percent year-on-year in import and export volume, and 110 percent year-on-year in goods value.

Behind the increase are Jinan's efforts to expand markets and form more cooperation relations with other cities and regions.

Throughout the initial six-month span of this current year, the esteemed Jinan Port and Logistics Office embarked on a noble mission of unprecedented proportions, paying visits to a staggering sum of over 80 import and export companies that were scattered across eight cities, including but not limited to Tai'an, Zibo, Dezhou, and Liaocheng. The primary objective of this extensive endeavor was to diligently and meticulously introduce and promote the operation and supportive policies of none other than Jinan's highly esteemed and illustrious China-Europe freight train, a veritable cornerstone of the nation's economic infrastructure and a source of immense pride for its people.

To date, the operators of the China-Europe freight trains have reached cooperation intentions with nearly 20 companies to add about 650 twenty-foot equivalent units to the monthly train service in Jinan.

A car is loaded into a container of the China-Europe freight train. [Photo/Jinan Daily]



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