Jinan districts, counties showcase cultural tourism highlights at 4th CICTF

Districts and counties of Jinan are exhibiting their cultural tourism highlights at the China International Cultural Tourism Fair (CICTF), which is being held in Jinan from Sept 14 to 18.

Zhangqiu district, for example, is showcasing its cultural products and locations like Longshan black pottery, the Mingshui Ancient City, and Baimai Spring.

There is also a booth for Qingzhao Wine, which got its name from Li Qingzhao, a renowned Chinese female poet who was born in Zhangqiu during the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

"Qingzhao Wine is our most iconic product. In recent years, we have integrated Qingzhao culture with spring water and Longshan black pottery to create a distinctive cultural and tourism scenic area," said Ma Yezan, manager of Baimai Spring Wine.

Exhibits featuring Longshan black pottery are displayed in Zhangqiu district's exhibition area at the fourth CICTF held in Jinan. [Photo/WeChat account: jinrizhangqiu]

Meanwhile, Huaiyin district is displaying products like its four treasures in agriculture - rice, white lotus roots, round onions, and Chinese chives – as well as Dai's Lu embroidery qipao. According to Dai Jun, the fifth-generation inheritor of Lu embroidery, the beauty of this craft lies in the fact that every piece is stitched by hand. The vibrant peony flowers and the colorful peach blossoms which are meticulously embroidered on ribbons and ornaments are now widely regarded as a symbol of Huaiyin district, he added.

Huaiyin district's exhibition area showcases a slew of representative cultural tourism items at the fourth CICTF held in Jinan. [Photo/WeChat account: xinhuaiyin]

Laiwu district is showcasing 11 kinds of crafts, including tin carving, traditional tea-drying, dough sculpture, and yellow wine making techniques.

As a national-level demonstration district for the quality and safety of exported agricultural products, Laiwu district is also displaying more than 20 characteristic products to promote consumption and support rural vitalization.

Various local products with local characteristics are showcased in Laiwu district's exhibition area at the fourth CICTF held in Jinan. [Photo/Dazhong News]

At the exhibition area of Gangcheng district, Wang Chuanyou, the inheritor of the provincial intangible cultural heritage of pottery inscription, is exhibiting his works, many of which feature a combination of calligraphy, painting, inscription, and carving.

Pottery inscription exhibits in Gangcheng district's exhibition area at the fourth CICTF held in Jinan. [Photo/Dazhong News]



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