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​Residence Registration

The Residence Permit can be granted to cultural and educational experts, students, foreign workers, art performers in business, high-level talents and investors. Applicants should provide the following materials to the Division of Entry-Exit Administration of Jinan Municipal Bureau of Public Security:

1. Valid passport, visa and photocopies;

2. A recent 2-inch photo without hat with white or light-blue background;

3. Medical form (original), Employment certificate or Foreign Experts Certificate, Organization Code Certificate and photocopies;

4. Resume;

5. Unit Certification;

6. Fill in Foreigners Visa, Residence Permit Application Form.


1. Besides the materials mentioned above,foreign students should provide Admission Notice Form, JW201 or JW202; foreign workers should provide a company introduction, copy of Industrial and Commercial Business License; Approval Certificate and copies; professional art performers should provide their certificates and copies, issued by the Culture Department or provincial culture bureau authorized by Culture Department.  High-level  talents should supply files such as letters authorized by working units, a Foreign Experts Certificate or Alien Employment Permit. Investors should supply a Foreign-Invested Enterprise Approval Certificate, License and other relevant certificates. Those applying for residence permits for their family must answer inquiries and offer their personal residence permits and photocopies, as well as kinship proof;

2. First-time applications should be dealt with by the foreigner himself/herself;

3. Those with residency should apply for new residency from the issuing authority within 10 days of their change of residency circumstances, with passport number, accompanying persons, etc;

4. Those with residency should apply for new residency from the issuing authority within 10 days of their change of address, school, and working unit;

5. Moving from one city to another, he/she can change his/her information on the Residence Permit at a local police station.

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