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Useful Info

Agencies of Jinan Municipal Government & Foreign Service Departments

Foreign Affairs Office of Jinan Municipal People's Government

Address: 8F, E District, Long'ao Building, No.1 Longding Rd, Lixia district, Jinan

Tel: +86-0531-66608663

Jinan Investment Promotion Bureau

Address: 13F, A District, Long'ao Building, No.1 Longding Rd, Lixia district, Jinan

Tel: +86-0531-66602700

Jinan Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Address: No.1 Longding Rd, Lixia district, Jinan

Tel: 0531-66602035

Jinan Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)

Address: 15F, E District, Long'ao Building, No.1 Longding Rd, Lixia district, Jinan

Tel: +86-0531-66602805

Exit & Entry Administration Department of Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau

Address: No 777, Shunhua West Rd, High-Tech Zone, Jinan

Tel: +86- 0531-85081088

Jinan Exit & Entry Inspection & Quarantine Bureau

Address: No 5812, Erhuan East Rd, Jinan

Tel: +86-0531-88527200

Jinan Administration for Industry & Commerce

Address: No 85, Jianshe Rd, Jinan

Tel: 0531-82569501

Jinan Customs

Address: No 288, Hero Mountain Rd, Jinan

Tel: +86-0531-82016611

International Tax Division of Jinan Municipal Tax Service, State Administration of Taxation

Address: Finance & Taxation Building, Jingwu Weiwu Rd, Jinan

Tel: +86-0531-87949306

Jinan Arbitration Commission

Address: No 138, Jingshi Rd, Jinan

Tel: +86-0531-82023333

E-mail: jnzcblac@jn.shandong.cn 

Common calls for consultations about complaints:

Mayor's hotline: +86-0531-12345

Department for Letters and Visits: +86-0531-82038465

Industrial and Commercial Bureau: +86-0531-82569573

Arbitration Commission: +86-0531-82023333

Law Aid Center: +86-0531-82710636

Industry/Commerce Complaint: +86-0531-12315

Bus Service Hotline: +86-0531-88951190

Highway Traffic Information Center: +86-0531-96659

Railway Information Inquiry Center: +86-0531-10050

Jinan International Airport Ticketing Center: +86-0531-96888

Jinan Traffic Police Service Hotline: +86-0531-16888168

Office hours

In Jinan, standard working hours are usually 8 am to 5 pm, or 9 am to 6 pm. Major shopping malls open from 9 am and close around 9 pm in winter and 10 pm in summer. Because traffic is especially congested during rush hour, tourists are advised to avoid peak-hour traffic from 7 am to 9 am and from 5 pm to 7 pm.


International calls and overseas calls to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), to the Macao SAR or Taiwan may be made directly from major hotel rooms with IDD lines in Jinan. With an IC card, you can also make domestic long distance calls and international calls from public telephones or you can apply for long distance call service at your place of accommodation.

Internet services are quite popular nowadays in Jinan, and are available at hotels, business centers and internet bars. Wireless internet connection is provided at some restaurants and clubs. You can apply for various internet connections, such as broadband, ADSL, ISDN and dial-up. You can choose to pay on a monthly basis without time limitations or based on hours of use.

Postal services

All tourist hotels provide postal services, however if you want to send important items such as antiques or cultural relics that are under customs control, you are required to consult the local branch of the international post office.

In addition to regular postal services, the International Post and Telecommunications Office handles remittances, money orders, telegraphic money transfers, international and domestic telephone and telegram services, and local telephone services. In the same building there is a customs office for those who need customs clearance. Additionally, packages can be collected from this office.

You can also send postcards, letters and express mail to any place in the world via China Post (with a green logo), FedEx or China Air Express. However, any form of publication (such as books, magazines and newspapers) and parcels, must be sent from an authorized post office. 


Travelers can easily find free public toilets on the streets, at shopping centers, supermarkets, hotels and fast food restaurants.

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