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Jinan Thomas School

Jinan Thomas School (JTS) is a new, pioneering concept in Chinese senior high school education that prepares students for study at top international and Chinese universities. JTS provides a new style of contemporary, STEM-centered education for Chinese nationals based on the delivery of intensive, internationally-focused curricula.

JTS is one of four experimental Thomas Schools under development across four major Chinese cities (Shanghai, Hefei, Jinan and Nanjing), modeled broadly on the concept of the highly successful Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia, USA. Located in Jinan Hi-tech Innovation Zone, JTS is a purpose-built, innovative school with state-of-the-art facilities that blends traditional Chinese education with curricula that are recognized by leading international universities, and which include critical thinking, problem-based learning, an academic research project and a combination of A-level (UK) and AP (USA) educational elements. JTS, which spans a campus of 107,000 square meters, has an excellent geographical location that is well-connected to the city of Jinan by a modern, well-developed transportation system.

JTS is hosted by the Ambright Education Group, which has established a reputation as a pioneer and leader in the field of internationally-focused education. The school is a non-profit, K-12 private school with the capacity to accommodate a total of 3,000 students across the full, 4-phase spectrum of student education: kindergarten, primary school, middle school and high school. JTS will also participate in pre-school education in collaboration with High Scope, which is one of the largest pre-school education systems in the world, to underpin the quality of education at the kindergarten level.

JTS has worked over a number of years with senior faculty members of the University of Cambridge in the UK and Stanford University in the USA to define, develop and construct a rich, fit-for-purpose educational environment based on modern education technology and state-of-the-art learning and teaching techniques to deliver an internationally-focused education to Chinese nationals. JTS is dedicated to cultivating leaders of business and technology in a rapidly evolving world, both within China and globally. It is intentionally ambitious in its aims and objectives, which are to serve and support the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. To achieve these goals, JTS will strive to be the best private internationally-focused, school-based education in East China, and to help establish a modern, forward-looking education system in this area. It will make a significant contribution to the development of innovative education in Jinan Innovation Zone, Jinan City and even East China in general.

Motto: To be virtuous, scholarly and globally engaged

Mission: To contribute to global development

Goal: To strive to cultivate future leaders both within China and the rest of the world, to foster a wide global vision and to nurture talent based on capability, application, continuous innovation, a solid academic foundation and maturity of heart, mind and personality to address the considerable technological, societal and environmental challenges of the 21st Century.

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