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Jinan Thomas International School

When the school was first established in 2018, it marked for the first time that foreign children in Jinan would now have a suitable international school outside the "doors of their homes".

Now in 2022, it is still the only true international school in Jinan for foreign children.

Located in the eastern Jinan, and surrounded by mountains on three sides, is an enormous and modern campus with buildings made of red bricks.

There are high-tech science labs, gymnasiums, and a swimming pool, as well as a modern concert hall for student to stage shows and performances. The school has an international curriculum system and a foreign teaching staff from all over the world.

Jinan Thomas International School(JTIS)provides primary school education not only for children in Jinan, but also for children from all over the world. As such, it also opens a new window of urban internationalization and continuously empowers Jinan to "attract foreign talents".

1. A special identity and mission since its establishment

In recent years, as the city has been stepping up its efforts to attract foreign investment and foreign professionals, many international companies have seen Jinan as a suitable city for living and doing business.

However, one of the most pressing concerns for foreigners is how to tackle the problem of their children's education.

Therefore, the addition of a high-standard international school that can really adapt to the educational needs of foreign kids, will not only help to retain current overseas talents, but also be more attractive to new foreign investors in Jinan.

JTIS was established under this background.

As the first high-end international school in Jinan and one of the major projects supported by the Jinan municipal government to promote the transformation of economic growth and the building of an innovative city,JTIS has its own mission——

To directly serve the“Double Recruitment and Double Citation”, the school provides a first-class learning experience and a high-quality curriculum and education services that integrate Chinese and western characteristics to serve the children of foreigners living in Jinan or Shandong province.

2. Children from all over the world can find a "sense of belonging"

JTIS enrolls children of foreign nationals, expats, and Chinese (with foreign passports) living in Jinan or other areas in Shandong province.

For four years after its establishment, the school has attracted children from more than 10 countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, South Korea and Colombia.

When children from different countries and cultures meet, how can they not only keep their individuality, but also establish commonness, so that they can feel a sense of belonging at the school?

When you enter a JTIS classroom, you often see students sitting on the sofas, carpets or chairs for group discussions and inquiry-based learning.

The classrooms here are divided into a learning area, reading area and entertainment area to engage students in different learning activities.

How do children from different countries communicate?

As an English full-immersion school, all courses at JTIS are taught in English (except Chinese).

At the same time, the school provides additional English support courses for non-native English-speaking students to strengthen their English abilities.

3. The school adopts a Dual Class Teacher Mode, with 90 percent of teachers are either foreign expats or Chinese with overseas study experience.

At JTIS, foreign teachers and teachers with an overseas education or teaching background account for nearly 90 percent of the faculty.

All foreign teachers have valid work permits and hold the foreign teaching certificates issued by the Chinese government.

In addition to a "diverse" international faculty, JTIS is proud of its "Dual Class Teacher" mode——

Each class has two class teachers: a head foreign teacher and a Chinese co-teacher, which is absolutely unique in Jinan.

This is because the “Dual Class Teacher” mode ensures students mature well both academically and mentally.

In daily study and life, two teachers are always in the classroom with the students. In addition, there is a life coach to assist students with dining and afternoon activities.

JTIS implements small class sizes, with a maximum of 20 students in each class, and the teacher-student ratio of 1:3 allows children to enjoy close teacher-student companionship.

4. Authentic international courses cultivate world citizens

JTIS uses the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and is the only school in Jinan to be a certified member of the IPC and an authorized provider of its curriculum.

As for the delivery of content, IPC adopts content standards from US Common Core for Reading, Writing, and Language Usage, Next Gen Science Standards, and the Singapore Math program that aligns with the US Common Core Math standards.

At present, more than 1,600 schools in over 96 countries around the world use the IPC, which is suitable for children aged 5-11.

Therefore, JTIS enables children to smoothly transfer to other schools in a foreign country.

Moreover, the classroom language is English and having an internationally recognized curriculum makes it easy for JTIS to receive students who transfer from other schools domestically and internationally.

IPC is characterized by interdisciplinary integration.

The course breaks the discipline barrier and includes themes such as humanities, art, science and astronomy.

The curriculum is organized into eight thematic units pulled from a wide-range of IPC topics and integrated across each of the core subject areas as well as Technology, Art, Music, and PE.

JTIS encourages student-centered and inquiry-based instruction.

JTIS is entirely dedicated to the development of children who have an open mindset, aspire to be curious, are confident thinkers, embrace international diversity, have civil responsibilities and morals, and are leaders.

Our students learn how to develop creative solutions to complex problems in an ever-changing global context.

At the same time, JTIS also provides after-school activities as bonuses to the academic programs.

JTIS has opened more than 20 activities in total from Monday to Friday for children to choose from, such as swimming, rock climbing, baseball, golf, chess, basketball, football, tennis, martial arts, musical, piano and painting.

5. Chinese culture is also a "compulsory course"

Although JTIS is an English immersion school, Chinese is also "required" for all.

For Chinese native speakers, they learn the Chinese National curriculum. As for the foreign students, they learn Chinese as one of their foreign languages.

When walking on campus, foreign students who have been JTIS students for two to three years are able to engage in daily use of the Chinese language with a high degree of proficiency. Many parents are happy about this.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to special Chinese courses, many aspects of JTIS are also associated with Chinese traditional culture.

For example, IPC celebrates traditional Chinese festivals, local customs, civilization and etiquette, so that students can experience and better understand Chinese culture.

6. Festivals and celebrations make multiculturalism compatible

At the beginning of this semester, the school held a "New Year Review Event".

Foreign children got to experience traditional Chinese culture related to the Chinese New Year through activities such as printing, paper-cutting, pot-throwing, calligraphy, and shuttlecock kicking.

As an international school, we encourage our children to learn about, experience and appreciate cultural diversity by celebrating a variety of holidays and related activities,

such as the Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, as well as important dates worldwide like Earth Day, Book Week, etc!

The families and friends of students can also visit our school to celebrate the cultural activities, food and drinks from around the world to create a sense of a world family.

This is a warm and positive school and full of an adventurous spirit.

JTIS is the only authorized international school in Jinan.

It is also a paradise for children from all over the world to take part in modern high-quality education.

If you want to know more about JTIS

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TEL: 0531-8825-7316 or 176-8686-9712

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