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Jinan Public Transport to release mini buses for big Spring Festival

Jinan Public Transport adds 50 adorable minibuses. [Photo/ijinan app]

As Spring Festival draws near, Jinan Public Transport has added 50 adorable minibuses to its fleet. These buses will mostly operate on the soon-to-be-opened lane bus routes and will help the city's residents travel.

The buses are compact and smart, measuring only 6 meters in length and 2.02 meters in width, and are circular with a streamlined appearance.

The buses can carry 24 passengers and they have 10 passenger seats. The Chinese-red painted buses feature electric plug doors akin to those seen on subway cars, which offer improved airtightness, sound insulation, and purified air. Passengers may board and exit simultaneously in both directions thanks to 1.35 meter-wide door openings.

The buses are powered and safely propelled by pure electricity, which guarantees no carbon emissions and is better for the environment. After a single charge, the buses can drive more than 200 kilometers.

They are intended to make life easier for commuters and are a good move for the urban renewal of the area.

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