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Jinan prioritizes talent development with new policies, incentives

Jinan, the capital of China's Shandong province, has introduced a policy to support talent in the Jinan Start-up Area for Growth Drivers Transformation.

The policy aims to accelerate the gathering of talents and cultivate a top-notch talent ecosystem by offering 20 measures in five key areas.

One of the major focuses of the policy is to attract and retain talents in various industries, including those in high demand or short supply. The policy offers support for industry leaders, young graduates, skilled workers, and overseas talents. For example, young graduates can receive monthly transportation subsidies of up to 1,000 yuan ($144.2) to help them settle in the city and begin their careers.

The policy also aims to expand channels for attracting and utilizing talent. This includes open recruitment and talent-sharing programs, encouraging cooperation between universities, businesses, and other organizations to help match talents with the right opportunities.

Various incentives are offered to different groups of talents. High-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents and teams introduced to the city can receive a maximum financial reward of 2 million and 3 million yuan, respectively. Moreover, to incubate talent entrepreneurial projects in the seed, start-up, and growth stages, a 100 million yuan talent empowerment fund is being established.

The policy also includes measures to enhance the living standards and quality of life for individuals residing and working in the city. It offers subsidies ranging from 300,000 yuan to 1 million yuan for the purchase of their first homes, along with additional support for their family members.

The aim of talent support policies is to create a thriving ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship, helping transform Jinan into a more dynamic and innovative city capable of competing on the global stage.

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